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Sometimes moving and storing can be overwhelming; so we've assembled some packing and storing tips we hope you will find useful:


  • Fill boxes to the top; use paper to fill empty spaces; boxes which are filled partially may collapse when stacked.

  • Do not fill large boxes with heavy items such as books.  Keep books and other heavy items in small boxes so they are easy to manage.

  • Leave heavy items towards the bottom.

  • Wrap fragile items before placing in boxes.  

  • Label boxes on top and sides and remember to mark "Fragile" if applicable.

  • Drain fuel from gasoline engines before storing. 

  • Drain any fluids from lawn and garden equipment before storing

  • Do not store flamable items in your unit.

  • Cabinets, drawers, and large appliances, ie., refrigerator or stove provide additional space for storing "soft" items such as clothing, blankets, towels, etc. 

  • Try to leave a passageway in your storage unit in case you need to access an item immediately.

  • Place any items you think you might need near the front of the unit.

  • Take advantage of the height of the storage unit by stacking boxes, but be careful so items do not fall.

  • Make a complete list of all your items you decide to store with us and label your boxes.  This will make unpacking and locating your items easier.

  • Use specially constructed boxes for heirlooms.

  • Use protective covers on your furniture and mattresses.

  • To optimize space, remove table legs if possible.  Remember to place any bolts, screws or parts in a plastic bag and tape to the underside of table top.

  • Our staff will be pleased to discuss with you any questions concerning packing and storing. 


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